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As many of you are aware there has been a dramatic increase in COVID cases in our area over the past two weeks and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. I have also been informed that a number of our church family have offered out of consideration for others to quarantine themselves for the next few Sundays given the circumstances surrounding their personal lives with regard to work, recreation, etc. that potentially would put an awkwardness between them and others that they want to help alleviate. For that, I’m very appreciative for their flexibility and care for their brothers and sisters in the RLF family. 

Sunday Service

As your Pastor, I have always had and always will have a conviction that values to LOVE, SERVE and PROTECT to the best of my ability with the LORD’S help everyone who considers Real Life Fellowship their church family.

In this current environment in our society I realize that there are many different opinions, approaches and convictions being expressed on a daily basis as new information is made available. Taking that into consideration, as a Foursquare Church we apply the following: In essentials – UNITY, in non-essentials – LIBERTY, and in both essentials and non-essentials – CHARITY.

After much prayer, discussion with the Church Council, and talking with Nicole (my partner in life and ministry), I want to communicate the following direction given the circumstances we find ourselves in related to our Sunday Morning Gatherings at RLF. I want to keep safety as a priority and also provide as many options for the CHURCH to gather as possible with respect to our community leaders and in complete obedience to our Heavenly Father.

  • Given the size of our facility 315 West Main with its limited capacity WE ARE ENCOURAGING all of you that possibly can to please view the LIVESTEAM service online during this current season of sensitivity. We did this early on as a precaution when the pandemic first occurred and we had no cases in Kerrville. Now that we have had a larger number of cases in a very short amount of time and the city is in process of making closure considerations, we want to continue to be intentional in sensitivity to the safety of our church family as well.
  • We will keep our church doors open to those who need to be there to assist in the process of facilitating our Sunday morning service. Nicole and I will notify our volunteers with requested involvement in a timely manner.
  • We will also keep our church doors open to those who feel the conviction that they need to be present with other RLF family members on Sunday mornings at 315 West Main. 

The below guidelines apply to those who need to be present at RLF on Sunday mornings:

  • We will not have children’s ministry until further notice. Families will be encouraged to sit together in the main service. 
  • We will have someone posted at the front door to help aid in encouraging everyone to use provided hand sanitizer before entry into the building. 
  • We will be encouraging social distancing and sensitivity to all present to limit physical contact and to decrease the awkwardness factor as much as possible. (If you don’t want a hug or a handshake, throw an elbow or a head nod.)
  • With regards to wearing a mask… it is not mandatory but encouraged following the patterned expectation of our community in many of the enclosed gatherings that are currently in operation. I’m trusting you to be led by the Holy Spirit for the right application for yourself and others for this particular issue.
  • If you are going to be on location please make every effort to come prior to the start time of 11AM as we will be recording live-stream from that moment forward and want to limit interruptions and possible distractions as much as possible. Thank you for your understanding. 

Final Thought

RLF FAMILY… know that regardless of location, you are loved and valued as a part of our fellowship. This is NOT The end. This IS for a season. One in which I have FAITH GOD will continue to lead and guide us through until it is completed. He is THE GOOD SHEPHERD! This is REAL LIFE for us at the moment.

Going forward, we will be looking into creative ways to apply continued discipleship/teaching to our children, prayer for the hurting, smaller safe fellowship gatherings for a sense of community, and a continued commitment to worship in Spirit and in Truth. Stay tuned!!!

Remember, WE ARE THE CHURCH… beyond just where we meet. Our gatherings are in the life we live out of support and faith with one another. That support and faith don’t have to be limited by time and location. Let’s example God’s love to those around us and be different/set apart as HIS BODY of BELIEVERS. We will continue to explore the possibility of opening our church doors throughout the week during our Coffee Shop Ministry hours to pray for those in our community who are hurting and in need for the church in this current time. Nicole and I love each of you to the utmost. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. I pray you continue to remain in His hands. Be led by the Spirit. Encourage those around you. Stay Strong in His Strength. 

In His Hands,

Pastor Ryan Huff